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by anna on December 30, 2012

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Organic Cell envelope clutch - frontLately, a lot has been happening at Gray’s Crafts, as well as at Gray Family :). It has, indeed, been a very busy season. Maybe in January we will at last get some well deserved rest :). We will see.

One thing Ken and I really love to do is to learn something new. Which we have been doing a lot lately :). With Gray’s Crafts, we’ve added a line of laser cut handbags to our traditional jewelry lines. You can see a couple pictures of an Organic Cell laser cut envelope clutch here; it has been a commissioned work for a wonderful creative customer. Organic Cell envelope clutch - open

Another thing we decided to do was to learn to cook new dishes. So, our first attempt was to learn how to make sushi (Nori Rolls). Below are a couple of pictures of our first attempt. Please don’t laugh too hard :). The hugest ones were, obviously, rolled by me, and the smaller, more accurate ones – by Ken :).

These are spicy salmon rolls. The recipe was originally for spicy tuna, but we only had salmon, and decided not to get fixed on it :). I want to really thank folks behind Japan Food Channel for their wonderful instructional videos! If you want to learn how to make rolls, you got to check them out. They also sell many of the ingredients in their store.

Sushi 1

Here’s how we made the rolls. You will need:

1. Sushi grade fish.

2. Seaweed (nori) sheets.

3. Avocado slices sprinkled with lemon juice.

4. Sushi rice.

5. Spicy tuna sauce.

6. Sesame seed.

To make sushi rice, bring 2 1/4 cup of Japanese sticky rice to boil with 3 cups of water and simmer for 20 minutes on low heat, until all liquid is absorbed into the rice. Scoop out good (white) portion of the rice (bottom portion will inevitably turn brown) and mix it with 18 g salt, 1/4 cup of light brown sugar, and 1/3 cup of rice vinegar.

To make spicy tuna sauce, mix 1 cup of Japanese mayonnaise (we used regular one) with 1 tbs of Shirakiku sauce (we used Sriracha sauce, which is different, but was very good as well 🙂 )

Sushi 2To make sushi, lay a piece of plastic wrap on top of a bamboo mat. Wrap should be bigger than the mat. Place rice in a thin even layer on top of the wrap and leave about 1/2″ space on top and bottom. Lay a nori sheet, smooth side down, on top of the rice. Mix finely chopped fish with spicy tuna sauce and lay on top of the nuri sheet, in the middle of it. Place thin avocado slices sprinkled with lemon juice (so they don’t brown) on top of the fish. Using the mat and starting from the top edge, roll the sushi into, well, roll :). Remove the mat and plastic wrap, slice into individual rolls, sprinkle with sesame seed, get some soy sauce, pickled ginger, and wasabi – and enjoy!! 🙂

Now we’re off to learn how to cook a great Korean dish called Bibimbap in hot pot. We’ll keep you updated on how it goes :).

What new things have you been learning to do? Let us know in the comments below!

And Happy New Year, everyone! May 2013 be really great for all of us!

Happy New Year

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