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by anna on January 9, 2013

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Friend from the Mystic PortalPLAY TIME!!! :))) The holiday season has been pretty busy and crazy, as always :). But then the slower January has arrived and brought some play time with it. And, yes, I do like toys and I do have them. Some would say I am juvenile :). Let them :).

These holidays I got a couple of new wonderful friends into my toy collection. By the way, here’s all of them, say “hi” to this colorful group! 🙂

All toys

The first toy was graciously given to me by the wonderful game company called “PencilKids“. I love their games and played all of them. If you also like games, you got to check these guys out!! 🙂 They’re located in New Zealand and have characters of their games made into soft toys. Now, how cool is that?! 🙂 They have an Etsy store, where you can buy any of the toys.

Happy GretaThe toy is a Happy Monkey Child from the game “Monkey Go Happy“. We called her Greta. In this picture Greta is having our Happy Breakfast with us. Yep, I do eat bananas for breakfast. My Mom used to tease me “little monkey” when I was a kid :). Maybe that’s why I always chose Greta’s character when playing the game.

The second toy was a part of the present I received from my cool husband :). As he wrote “here for you right from the mystic portal”. Those of you “Toy Story” fans out there would know what he’s talking about :). Remember? “The claw!” :))) Anyway, this time ‘the claw’ brought me a wonderful green friend! 🙂

Holiday Tree TopIn case you don’t know the others, here they are: Green Crocodile, Greta, Pusha (she’s a robo-cat), Beanie Stripes, The Window Horse, The Frog, Friend from the Mystic Portal, Little Green Alien (he’s a lucky guy, got an UFO all to himself), Morkeleb the Dragon, and two Cookie Monsters. Oh, and that red flower thing is a toy also 🙂 – a holiday tree top, made by me from the parts of the presents I received before. Who said recycling can’t be fun? 🙂

Now you tell me what you‘ve been playing with?

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Lorrine October 5, 2014 at 3:59 pm

Hi, I want too subscribe for this webpage to get most recent updates,
so where can i ddo it please help.


anna October 5, 2014 at 4:31 pm

Hi, which webpage? Mine? Just hit the Subscribe button in the upper right corner. Or PencilKids page? I’m sure they have a similar button to hit 🙂 Thanks and have a good weekend!


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