by anna on May 1, 2013

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Spring flowers 1It is May 1st and behind the window there is the blooming Spring in its full swing :)! It is very hard to concentrate on any work. I am sitting in my studio and swallowing metal dust polishing name rings. But all I can think about is sniffing at the fresh leaves, eating berries from the hand, rolling on the green grass, making love in the moonlight, walking on the paddles with bare feet covered in mud, staring at the fluffy white clouds in the blue sky… and all other sweet crazy springtime things like this :).

Name rings polishing



I think I will wrap it up with dust swallowing, and with Ken we will go on a wonderful walk and then stop and eat some ice cream under a green tree (springtime thing-to-do, too! 🙂

Wishing you all happy May 1st and do have some fun! 😉

Spring flowers 2

[These lovely flower pictures where taken by Ken on our way home from Pittsburgh]

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