Fancy Sisters

by anna on May 6, 2013

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Fancy Sisters Snail Sculptures - close upMeet the lovely Fancy Sisters:

Fancy Nancy, the Blue Snail
Fancy Pansy, the Pink Snail
Fancy Tancy, the Green Snail

All sisters are hand-sculpted by me, which I enjoy immensely :). I have always had my own way of sculpting shells (since I was about 6 years old), and Fancy Sisters each have a shell sculpted this way.

Fancy Sisters Snail Sculptures - in hand

Fancy Sisters are not anatomically correct snails. But anatomically correct snails do not create aesthetically pleasing presentation 🙂 Snails are fascinating animals, having many of their organs and body functions be very different from those that humans have. For instance, cute little balls at the ends of snail’s horns are actually snail’s eyes and what looks like two little tentacles sticking out from where we usually have eyes are snail’s smell sensors, sort of like a nose :). Some of the organs, such as reproductive organs, snails have pulled in and stick them out only when they need them.

Fancy Sisters Snail Sculptures - front

Fancy Sisters Snail Sculptures - inspiration

My Fancy Sisters actually where inspired not by regular snails but by the beautiful ogre, aka Princess Fiona from “Shrek“.  I could never forget her cute green ears which somehow always reminded me of snail’s horns. And beautiful lace on the dresses she wore gave me an idea to have Fancy Sisters each with a lacy heart. I first tried using an actual lace, but soon dismissed the idea as way too impractical :). How would you clean something like that? Er? 🙂 I also wanted my snails to have beautiful girly eyes with fancy lashes, which they do. Swarovski beads decorate their lovely horns and Swarovski crystals are used for their eyes. Their shells are pearlescent as shells usually are :). All Fancy Sisters are stamped “FANCY” on the back, so that you wouldn’t forget who they are :). Each girl bears a Fancy Trinkets mark stamped on her foot.

Fancy Sisters Snail Sculptures - back

For those of you who would like a little snail friend, you can adopt a Fancy Sister in our Etsy store or in our new eBay store. Each Fancy Sister is U.S. $35.00 and I will give a 10% discount to the kind soul who wants to adopt the whole family :). Fancy Sisters are collectible art, as there will be more of them.

Fancy Sisters Snail Sculptures - making

Here I am, sculpting away! 🙂

Fancy Sisters Snail Sculptures - props

I wanted Fancy Sisters to be a sweet little friend for the one who adopts them.

And maybe to give the whole new meaning to the expression “snail mail” 😉

Fancy Sisters Snail Sculptures - packaging

Fancy Sisters each come in a cute little box, resting on soft cotton fill while they travel to the new home.

Fancy Sisters Snail Sculptures - side

And now it is time for them (and for me) to go to bed! 🙂 Let me know what you think of them in the comments below – or just stop by and say “Hi!” to the Fancy Sisters 🙂

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