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by anna on May 18, 2013

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Spring is a wonderful time of love, sunshine, and getting rid of long-sleeved winter clothing. These light and elegant bracelets will create a perfect compliment for short-sleeved Spring tops and dresses and decorate your lovely arms, making you look like a Spring flower.

If I told you that even an absolute beginner would be able to make such bracelet without much of the strain, would you believe me? No? Let’s try!

We will need:

Frame 1 copy


~ Swarovski Crystal beads in desired color, 8 mm – 13

~ Gold or silver plated metal beads, 5 mm – 12

~ Flower-shaped bead caps, 7 mm, for 7-9 mm beads – 26

~ Crimp bead, 2.5×1.5 mm, for 1.2 mm beading wire – 1

~ Crimp bead cover, 4-5 mm – 1

~ Beading wire, 7 strand, 0.6 mm, gold or clear – 30 cm (12”)


~ Ruler

~ Wire cutter

~ Crimping pliers

~ Chain nose pliers

~ Bead stopper

~ Your hands (main tool!)

Let’s start the sweet process of creation! 😉

Step 1. Measure 30 cm of beading wire and cut it off with wire cutter. Choose good quality beading wire, without kinks and twists for the shape of your bracelet to be perfect.

Frame 2

Step 2. Place bead stopper on one of the ends of your beading wire. This is done for preventing your great effort to be in vain, a.k.a for preventing beads from sliding off the other end while you’re stringing them.

Frame 3

If you haven’t gotten a bead stopper, you can use a regular clip.

Frame 4

Step 3. On your beading wire string:

5 mm metal bead – 7 mm bead cap – 8 mm Swarovski bead – 7 mm bead cap – 2.5 mm crimp bead – 7 mm bead cap – 8 mm Swarovski bead – 7 mm bead cap.

Frame 5

Step 4. After that, string remaining 11 metal beads and 11 Swarovski beads onto the beading wire, separating them by bead caps turned in the right direction 🙂

Frame 6

Step 5. Remove bead stopper from the beading wire end. String another end through metal bead, Swarovski bead, crimp bead, and one more Swarovski bead, not forgetting all of the bead caps (4) that you’ll meet on your way 🙂

Frame 7

Step 6. Using chain nose pliers, pull beading wire into a ring. Pull slowly and carefully so that you don’t damage the wire. Leave a 3-5 mm slack (exposed wire). This is done for leaving some space for your crimp bead cover. In addition, beads in the bracelet need some “breathing space” to move around the bracelet when it’s worn. Too tightly strung bracelet is fragile and can break at any time.

Frame 8

Poetical digression

For the next step we will need crimping pliers. If you haven’t gotten crimping pliers, you can crimp your crimp beads with chain nose pliers. However, crimp bead which has been crimped that way is less durable, and it will be harder to place a crimp cover around it. All crimping pliers have two or three grooves in their jaws. For the sake of convenience, let’s mark them as numbers 1 and 2. Grooves # 1 are used for initial crimping of a crimp bead, turning round bead into a “U” shape. Groove # 2 is used for turning this “U” into a beautiful, round, completely closed crimp bead. Secret to successful using crimp beads lies in separating beading wire ends during crimping. Both ends of beading wire inside a crimp bead should lie parallel to each other. When they are crimped, they will be separated by the largest amount of metal of a crimp bead, and connection will be durable and sturdy.

Frame 16

Step 7. Using groove # 1, crimp your crimp bead into a “U” shape. Round portion of the groove needs to be located on the outside of the bracelet, so it doesn’t damage bracelet’s shape.

Frame 9

Complete crimping using groove # 2.

Frame 10

For an added durability, squeeze closed crimp bead  with the tips of your chain nose pliers.

Frame 11

Durability test! Holding onto the opposite sides of the bracelet, pull them a few times in opposite directions. If your crimp bead hasn’t been crimped properly, bracelet will come apart. Do not get sad over it, remove morally unstable crimp bead :), replace it with another, and repeat the crimping procedure. Afterwards, while dancing samba or rumba at a party, you won’t have to worry about durability of your jewelry! 😉

Frame 12

Step 8. Cut off excess of beading wire, placing your wire cutter as close to the bead it’s coming out of as possible. Be careful and not cut main beading wire while doing this! 🙂

Frame 13

Step 9. Place crimp bead cover over the crimped (and tested!) crimp bead. Close it using your chain nose pliers. Close slowly, there are few things metal hates more than being rushed!

Frame 14

After closing, there will still be a small opening in the crimp bead cover. Using groove # 2 of your crimping pliers, close the cover completely.

Frame 15

Step 10. Put on a beautiful top, skirt/pants, complete your outfit with newly created bracelet and go for a walk, collecting admiring looks of the people. [This is Eva, our heroic model]


Swarovski beads for this bracelet can be picked to match your birthstone. Here I will even give you a table for that 😉

Birthstones - Beads

And here is another table, for calculating the size of your bangle bracelet.  Bead count in this tutorial is given for a medium size bangle. If you need a smaller bracelet – reduce number of Swarovski beads by one, if you need a bigger one – add one more Swarovski bead.

Bangle Sizes

♥ I wish you happy creating and a wonderful Spring mood! ♥


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Monique U. (A Half-Baked Notion) May 20, 2013 at 2:47 pm

Thanks for the great tutorial, Anna… I was referred by Marlene of “It’s All About Creating” blog.


anna May 20, 2013 at 4:12 pm

Thank you, Monique! Enjoy! 😉 “It’s All About Creating” is a cool blog, I like it!


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