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by anna on June 3, 2013

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Great Falls 2Today we got up at 6 and got all work done early. After that, we went to a park. I had a great day! šŸ™‚ With Ken, we went to the Great Falls park and had a GRAND time there! Great Falls, Virginia, is a very beautiful park, with virtually countless landscapes of all kinds – waterfalls, lakes, forests – anything you wish for :). Ken took some really great pictures. In this park you can photograph squirrels, butterflies, lizards, turtles, oysters, birds, amazing big black dragonflies – fauna is about as rich as landscapes variety! šŸ™‚ I found a few lovely shells there; you know IĀ ā™„ shells.Ā Great Falls 1








After that, we went to a trade center and had a dinner there at a cool place called Wasabi (Japanese cuisine) where sushi moves on the conveyor belt and you can get any you want off the belt. We call it “sushi hunt” šŸ˜€ And after that it got even better as Ken bought me many presents! šŸ™‚ It had been our fifth wedding Anniversary and I am still receiving presents. Among the presents was an iPod Shuffle, special edition (Product Red – benefits anti-AIDS campaign) in this hot red color!!! šŸ™‚ I love music, so it was a great present! Now I am trying to figure out how it works, since it is my first Apple device. It is so small, that when I first saw it I though it was a remote for a regular iPod šŸ˜€

In front of the trade center they installed these beautiful molded plastic trees with transparent flowers, purple and clear. As much as I don’t like plastic flowers, these were really beautiful.

Plastic Tree 1Plastic Tree 2









IWC_73247_01Now we are back home, I am sitting in my chair with a cup of chamomile tea and awesome Godiva caramels, which Ken also got for me. Oh, I do love candy!Ā ā™„ It’s really hard to lose weight when you love candy so much šŸ˜€

Here I leave you, my dear readers and wish you to be in the same state of a happy bliss I am in now! šŸ™‚

Au revoir!

Images: Apple.com, Godiva.com

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