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by anna on June 24, 2013

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Arabesque - 1Last year we participated in 2012 Bead Star contest. Ken’s design, Arabesque bracelet, won 1st place in the Metals category which was sponsored by the Rings & Things company. Ken won a $250 gift certificate from this awesome company. We spent this certificate to get a lot (I mean A LOT) of wonderful tools, wire, and rivets from them. You can see a sweet picture of all these beauties below.

Tool Set

Do you think it was the last we heard from these kind people? Wrong! This past Saturday we received another gift certificate from them, for $25. We want to say


They have sent us this lovely surprise for simply recommending their cool antiqued copper jumprings which were used in Ken’s design. [We’d recommend the rings without the certificate as well; they are pretty good – try them, you’ll see for yourself :)]

It is very sweet, of course, to look at the awesome tools photos – and you, tool junkies out there would know what I mean! (I once wanted to chase a Dominion Power track to just take a closer look at the cool electrical pliers they had attached in there 😀 )  But Ken and I decided to make it even sweeter and share pictures of the projects we created using wonderful tools from Rings & Things. We used some other common metalworking tools, such as chasing hammer, to make the projects, of course, but since they weren’t from the Rings & Things company, we decided not to include them here so’s not to create clutter and confusion. Use a common sense :).

Tools Snowflake Flower

So, take steel block, nylon mallet, nylon jaw pliers, small dapping punch, flat file, and rivets – and make…

Snowflake Flower - compilation

Birthstone Stacking Snowflake Flower Ring

Tools Flower Statement Necklace

Get your looping pliers, steel block, nylon mallet, needle files, and nickel silver wire ready – and make…

Flower Statement Necklace - compilation

Personalized Birthstone Flower Statement Necklace

Tools Gothic Ring

Like it so far? 🙂 Then grab a steel block, rivets, and a small dapping punch – and make…

Gothic Flower - compilation

Gothic Flower Ring

Tools Name Ring

Then take a nylon jaw pliers, steel block, nylon mallet, and flat file – and make…

Name Ring - compilation

Personalized Adjustable Stacking Name Ring

Tools Gothic Ring

And finally use a steel block, small dapping punch, and some rivets – and make…

Chevron Necklace - compilation

Personalized Chevron Birthstone Pendant Necklace

Gothic Flower Ring - front 3That was easy, wasn’t it? 🙂 Now create your own! While I do not encourage you to blatantly copy all of our designs, as they are copyrighted, I do encourage you to use simple (or advanced 🙂 ) metalworking techniques to create beautiful art jewelry. And I do recommend ordering tools you might not yet have from this awesome company. The quality is pretty good and the prices are pretty good, too. You know me – I do not recommend crappy things which I haven’t first checked myself. These aren’t crappy.

Happy creating, my dear readers!

Disclaimer: I do not work for the Rings & Things company and I am not their relative. They have never paid me (or Ken) to promote their products. I was just really touched by their kindness and generosity and decided to share it with you.

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