The Coffee Story

by anna on July 15, 2013

in Anna's Blog

Today (as any other day) I decided to make Ken a cup of coffee.


To make coffee, you need coffee :), water, sugar, and milk.


And you need a coffee maker.


So, you plug the maker in, pour in water, add coffee powder, and let it run. Right? Wrong! You also should insert in the coffee pot before you turn the maker on! I realized that when I saw coffee cheerfully fountaining onto the table 😀 Of course I came in, turned the maker off, wiped the coffee Niagara, and stuck the pot in. Then I turned around and waited patiently for the coffee to brew. When that didn’t happen, I decided to investigate the reason for that. Guess what? I turned the maker off, but I didn’t turn it back on! 😀

A big discovery of the day: electric appliances cannot work without electricity!

After all that I became quiet and started thinking if I was really the one in dire need of coffee.

After you stopped laughing, go make yourself a nice drink and don’t repeat my mistakes!

Bye! ♥

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