Nature of Human Nature. Part 1 – Exclusiveness

by anna on November 9, 2013

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Talking to Ken:

Me: I miss the walks but don’t miss the runs at all.

[We’ve recently been on a lovely trip to Canada where we walked a lot. Here, at home, we always run trying to get everything done]

Ken: I miss the walks, too.

Me: What if you could travel all your life and go to all the interesting places? Would you like that?

Ken: Yes, very much!

Me: how long do you think it’d take to see the Earth? All of the Earth?

Ken: A few hundred years at least, so it’s not really possible.

Me: Yes, remember that guy who walked all other the America, and it took him over 5 years?

[I was talking about photographer Peter Lik]

Ken: Yep.

Peter Lik

Me: What if you had these few hundred years? What if you didn’t have to die like all other people do?

Ken: That would be cool! I’d love that!

Me: What if all other people had the same?

Ken: Then it would not be so interesting.

Me: So, we all want to be exclusive? Be unique in one way or another? Like “They’ve only sent it to me” or “I was the only one to be offered this”.

Ken: I guess so. That is a good observation.


Me: Do you think we all want to be unique because we all are, in fact, very similar? All have same basic set? What about children? When they are growing up, they want to be like each other or like a celebrity they adore. Why do you think their desire to be the same when they are growing up changes into desire to be unique when they have grown up?

Ken: I don’t know.

Avril Lavigne
What do you think? Do you think we all are the same and just play the exclusiveness game or do you think we all are unique?.. What do you think makes (or can make) us unique?.. Is unique and exclusive the same thing?.. Post a comment to share your opinion

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