Fruit Party: Cherimoya

by anna on January 27, 2014

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Cherimoya 1

Those of you who know me, know that I love to try new unusual fruits and veggies [Those of you who don’t know me yet – Hi! and welcome!].

My posts on these tries in the past have been rather chaotic, so this year I’ve decided to turn this into regular series for those of you adventurous gourmets out there. Hopefully these series will be useful for you and hopefully you will get to try these cool things, too!

So, today’s hero of the day is CHERIMOYA.

This sweet, fragrant, soft fruit originally comes from Central and South America. In Quechuan language chirimuya means “cold seeds”, as it is the most frost-resistant plant from its family. In terms of taste, at least in my opinion, cherimoya really resembles strawberry cheesecake. In addition to the interesting taste, it also has an interesting appearance, as you can see. I know exactly why I got it – because it so darn much resembles a dragon egg! 🙂

Cherimoya 2

To eat cherimoya, you just wash it (don’t skip that part :)), cut it in half, and then either cut it into smaller slices or just scoop it up with a spoon, much like ice-cream. The second option works particularly well if you have some patience (which I did not) and let it lay and ripe for a couple of days. When green outer skin starts turning dark, that’s generally a good indicator that the fruit is ripe.

Cherimoya 3

Cherimoya has a lot of big black seeds looking sort of like black beans. I really do not recommend eating those. Roasted and grounded cherimoya seeds are used as an emetic, and when mixed with lard they are used for combating lice and skin parasites. So, eating them will make you sick.

While cherimoya is mostly eaten raw, it can also be used to make such good things as ice-cream, sorbets, frozen drinks, and fruit salads.

So, give it a try!

See you at the next fruit party ♥

Truly yours,


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