Love Is In The Air

by anna on January 5, 2012

in Anna's Blog

Well, maybe not in the air, but on my desktop for sure :). I’m working on a new tutorial called “Love Bracelet and Earrings” and plan to finish it soon. It’s going to be one swell Valentine’s gift for a creative one :). So, stay tuned.





Another project I’m working on will be called “Swan Love”. Here you can see just a preliminary digital sketch. It will be a very special design, as I’m going to use a technique I have never used before to create it.

The project I’d been working on and completed by now is an adjustable polymer clay ring. The first one I named “Silver Leaf”. It is now all done and available in our stores for $30. Took me a lot of experimentation to make ring shank to be durable, adjustable and comfortable to wear – all at the same time :).



As far as I know, nobody else makes such rings. So, I had to rely on myself only. Maybe I’ll make a tutorial on this one too in the future. We shall see :).


Just wanted to share with you the things I’m currently working on.

One of the next project will be to experiment with and create hollow forms. I’ve come up with my own way to make them. Well, maybe a tute on that too, huh? 🙂

I also want to start making neat Victorian style clocks, sort of mix of techno and lace. I will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, let me know if there is any particular tute you’re interested in. What have you been up to lately?

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