by anna on January 8, 2012

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According to the research,  each women needs to get at least 7 compliments a day in order to feel good (physically) and not being stressed. Now, some of us get like 100 of them every day, and some – none.

Now, who said that you have to wait for somebody to tell you all these nice things?

There had been days in my life when I would look into a mirror, all dressed up, looking like a princess, – and nobody would tell me anything! Except for something totally dumb like: “Hey, you look good! Wanna have sex with me?”

It used to make me very unhappy. Until I looked into a mirror again and thought: “Screw them! Screw them all! I don’t need any of them!” And I started saying compliments to myself. And it made me feel good. And you know what? All others after that started to say them to me, too!

So, don’t shy but shine! If nobody has been nice to you today, just come to a mirror, look into your eyes – and tell yourself what it is that you like the most about you. After all, you’re the best you’ve got.

As to me, one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received as an artist was “Some people are created to create!” It was said by a woman who didn’t know me or anything about me; she just saw my “Sun Wind” necklace (above) on a website. I thank her for these nice words.

So, say compliments – to yourself and to others. Don’t be afraid to be nice.

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