Love Birds

by anna on January 20, 2012

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The slogan in our online stores now reads: “Love is in the air and the love birds are here! Get one for your love nest! ” 🙂

And they indeed are. I started making sock dolls again. And this cool guy you see on the left is one of them.

Sock dolls are dolls made out of recycled socks. For the obvious reason (sock’s shape) birds, fishes, and whales come out the best, although you can make other types, too if you really stretch yourself.

I started making sock dolls when I was around 6 years old. I did it for a simple reason – not having the toys I wanted. So, I made them myself. Now it is even better, because they sell pre-made eyes. When I was little I used to make eyes out of painted buttons I’d sew onto the socks. My family then would rail at me going: “All the buttons are gone again! All because of your dolls!” 🙂

I started participating in art contests being about 7 years old, and these recycled sock dolls have won me quite a few. I guess other kids didn’t consider old socks to be an art material :).

To me they always remained special, as they remind me about my childhood. I’m glad to be making them again and wanted to share them with you. His eye lashes are hand-painted, and his eyes are moving. So, he always looks at you :). His beak is sculpted from polymer clay. I think he knows he’s handsome and enjoys it – just look at this cunning face! 🙂

Let me know what you think and if you want me to make a tute on this beaut :). Tomorrow I hope to post a tute on forming a planned pattern swirly lentil beads, so stay tuned!

Look, he got tired and went to sleep! So should I :). See you tomorrow, folks!

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