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by anna on January 31, 2012

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Hello, everyone! What have you been doing this weekend? Er?.. 🙂

As to me, I made a small weekend project in our studio. It is a mosaic tool cabinet top. At the end of the week I noticed that, unfortunately, water dripping from the plant that stands on the cabinet (despite the saucer underneath – who knew?) caused the wood to start rotting. So, I removed the mold, sanded and sealed the wood (if you can call it this – it’s just an IKEA cabinet :)) and then inlayed glass mosaic tiles on top of it. Since this is more functional than decorative element, I didn’t go nuts with the pattern and arrangement. For finer mosaics I’d have sanded the nipped edges; here I just turned them inside, so nobody gets cut :).


I got to try a new product with this mosaics, which was interesting. It is a premixed acrylic-based grout. Usually I use cement-based grout. This one has its pluses and minuses. Main plus – you don’t have to mix it, just open the jar. Main minus – it is very fine and hardly fills wider joints. When they say – no wider than 1/8″, they mean it. Also, when they say – no shrinkage, they don’t mean that :). There is actually about 15% shrinkage after drying. So, I had to apply it twice. Other than that, it is a nice product. It is called “Simple Grout” :).

The cabinet now is back to life, which I’m glad about. It holds a lot of our tools and parts. The fabric drawer tags are handmade from polymer clay and mica powders and sewn into the drawers using metallic thread. Man, was I glad I had a thimble when doing this! 🙂 I’d have had many nice little holes in my fingers if I didn’t. What looks like rivets on the tags are actually headpins. If a person makes jewelry, it’s certain that she’ll try to use findings everywhere :).

Since the floor in our studio is rather uneven, automatic closures on the cabinet doors never work, and we attach hook closures on the sides, so we don’t run into the open doors all the time :).



So, what have you been up to this weekend? I’d love to hear!

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