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by anna on February 11, 2012

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Last night with Ken we went to the opening night of the Star Wars: Phantom Menace in 3D. That has been a rather awesome experience! πŸ™‚ First, people who were there all were fans, and some wore pretty neat looking costumes, like Darth Maul’s mask. Second, there was this nice atmosphere when in the audience we all sat and talked to each other, and after the movie was over people didn’t stand up and run to the bathrooms, as it generally is, but kept sitting and discussing the movie. Third, there wasn’t a huge crowd. Maybe, it is bad in terms of the revenues, but to us it also made the whole experience very enjoyable. I remember when we went to the opening night of theΒ Avatar movie, what a zoo it was, with people literally sitting on each other! πŸ™‚

Now about the movie itself. I think Lucas and his people did pretty decent job on converting the movie into 3D. After all, all they had was a regular 2D movie. There is almost no strange artifacts and blurriness which usually appear as a result of a poor conversion work. In addition, some parts of the movie were actually changed from the original, with some computer effects and other little details added.

Here I will switch controls over to Captain Gray (Ken) who is one of the biggest fans in this country. He can tell you about these changes much better than I ever would –

– What to say about Star Wars Episode I? Most movie critics and die-hard fans claim to hate this particular episode. They’re even proud of the fact that they have seen it 20-30 times just to make sure. These are, of course, the same people who always stop at stop signs and never, I mean never, drive over the speed limit. They’ve got 20-30 traffic tickets to prove it, right ?!? Let’s just all admit we like this movie, ok?

The 3D was probably the best quality it could be for a conversion. It wasn’t as good as Avatar or Hugo (films shot natively in 3d), but many 3d films over the past few years have been horrible as far as conversions go, so George Lucas’ attention to detail definitely shows. The pod racing scene and the battle scene toward the end deserve extra mention as far as conversion quality goes, they did look like they were natively shot in 3D.

The film itself is still great after all these years. Jar Jar Binks is a great character to keep kids interested in the movie (it’s a 2+ hour movie). The scene where he zaps his tongue in the pod racer still had me falling out of my seat, although keep in mind that my sense of humor is equivalent to that of a two year old.

The digital improvements really help bring the film together. It was one thing to see a rather dowdy looking Yoda puppet in 1999, but amazing to see the CGI Yoda of 2012. When he delivers the “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate…” lines in the movie, the new version manages to carry all of the seriousness and gravitas that the moment deserves.

Now I know that Star Wars fans have made it a cottage industry of criticizing George Lucas for changes to the original movies, but cut me a break. Phantom Menace 3D is Star Wars as it was meant to be; detailed, sophisticated, beautiful and visually appealing. Look at it this way, Lucas is a filmmaker. Each scene in one of his movies requires multiple takes to get it right. Just look at the film upgrades as another take. Thanks for letting us see your early work George, and thanks for making an even better Star Wars in 3D. Looking forward to the next installment. –

– Here it’s me again. Guess what? Like the awesome movie itself wasn’t enough to enjoy, they also were giving special presents to all attendees. It is collectible Star Wars Fighter Pods, pictures of which you could see throughout this post. They will be giving them to everyone who comes to see the movie during this weekend, as I know, so you still have a chance to get one! πŸ™‚ All figurines are different and pods are stackable, so you can form space stations out if them. I also found that you can turn pods into pendants since they have a hole in them. Speaking of a crazy person who can turn anything into jewelry… πŸ™‚

See you on the orbit, cadet!

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