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by anna on February 12, 2012

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Hello, folks! I want to share my new works with you, the ones I created over the past few days. They are already all listed in our online stores. That is the part of an inner discipline I am trying to develop – to photograph, measure, describe, calculate self-costs, and list/sell an item as soon as it has been created. After shamelessly letting some pieces sit in my studio for 8-10 months after they were made, I thought I could do better than that :). So, I set a time every day to work on the issue. In addition to that, I’m editing photos of at least three older items a day in order to create a “cohesive shop”. The idea of cohesive shop did hit me real hard 🙂 so I’m trying to bring everything – banners, product photos, descriptions, etc. – to be in one style. Let see where it takes me. Well, as long as not to a mental institution, then it’s all fine with me! 🙂

This one is called “Dragon Heart”. Knowing my love for all kinds of inlays and mosaics, there is nothing surprising of it looking the way it is. The little scales on the heart were cut out individually using a mini clay cutter and then reshaped by hand.

This is “Sakura” pendant. Once a few springs ago I saw a wondrous wonder – a blooming sakura trees, I could never forget that sight. The pendant is based on my photographs of these sakura trees (see in the beginning of this post). Branches are shaped by hand following a template and then applied to the pendant. Background is mica shift.

“Natural Love” pendant. I wanted to start doing faux wood grain designs again, and this is one of them. It is customizable pendant, the names can be any. I just thought I’d make a funny one, just for display :).

If you read my blog, you know this one :). It is “True Love” necklace, and the free tutorial on it will be available for a download for a few more hours ;). Faux wood grain and backfilling techniques.

I grew up in the Ural Mountains. This is the land where people love to tell folk tales. “Fern Flower”, which is the name of the piece, is a the central theme of many Slavic folk tales. This magic flower is believed to be blooming for only a short time on the Summer Solstice and give all kinds of goodies to the one who finds it, such as the gift of clairvoyance, ability to understand animal speech, and to see all hidden treasures, no matter how deep they were hidden. No wonder this flower is closely guarded by evil spirits, and people can pay with their lives if they try to take it. I thought – why go to such extremes? I better make them one! 🙂

Finally, here’s “Aztec”. Maybe there is something cooler than Native American, Aztec and Inkas ethnic ornaments, but I’m not quite sure. And I just love the traditional colors of Southwest! This is a simple mosaics, set on polymer to imitate grout. The frame it sits in is a recycled spice jar cap.

  Oh, and here is one more Slavic folk tradition – on the Ivan Kupala Day (Summer Solstice), couples would go into the woods searching for a fern flower. Girls always wore flower wreaths on their heads. If, when they come out of the woods, the wreath was worn by the guy, this meant that they were engaged. So, if you are up to luring a nice guy into the woods in the next few months, don’t forget your flower wreath. So, he can’t say it was nothing serious :).

Happy treasure hunting!

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