April Fools Pranks

by anna on April 2, 2012

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Hello, everybody! Now that hassle of tax preparation period is almost over for us, April 1 came in very handy to relax and just have fun! I love Fool’s Day because I’ve always been a prankster 🙂  It is also my cat’s birthday; no wonder he’s so silly! 😀

This year though I tried to be good and not do extreme things though :). One of the previous years, for instance, I started calling all my neighbors telling them that I just found out accidentally that next week there will be a charge for the air use, so they might want to collect some air in big plastic bags, while it’s still free. You wouldn’t believe how many of them actually started doing this! 😀

This year I just called our Dad and told him that a metro line will soon be built right next to his house, so he might want to renew his metro card, so he can take metro to work instead of driving. For the whole 5 minutes he believed me! 🙂

And, of course, I had a special surprise for Ken. Now, how could I leave alone someone who lives right next to me! 😀

Here are 2 boxes – one of them is real gift, and another is not. Which one would you choose?

So, you’ve chosen this one! Now [evil laugh] let’s open it!

Oops!  It seems like you’ve got to open another one!..

…and one more…

What? It is not something you hoped there will be? And who told you I was a nice girl? 🙂

I came from Russia. Matrioshka dolls is our style! 🙂

Looks like it’s time to reload your system. I mean your gift search. Come back to the second box. The one you didn’t want. It comes with nice candy…

… and nice card.

Of course card jumps right at you when you open the box! 🙂 Look, the flower grew! Miracles of agriculture. Or convenience of steel springs! 😀

Ken, by the way, is too smart to fool :). He initially choose the second box. But I told him it was cat’s gift. And he believed me :).

I wasn’t the only one having fun yesterday.  Google, for instance, launched their awesome 8-bit maps. Have you checked them out?

Let me know about your Fool’s Day pranks in the comments! Let’s share the experience! 🙂

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