Hall of Memories – Part 4

by anna on April 10, 2012

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Brought to you by the AGTV, next series of our clay opera is here! 😀

As I shared a couple days ago, my Sea Homes necklace was juried into the 2012 Bead Dreams contest. And who could have thought, when it all started so badly! 🙂 I was alone, in a foreign country, stuck with unfamiliar materials and tools, with no formal training, desperately trying to find my way to Beauty and Perfection. But these two ladies seemed to have rather long legs, and were quite successfully running away from me :).

On the left and the right you can see one of my first pieces, the Burning Heart jewelry set. Well, it could’ve been a burning heart; but luckily for the heart (and for my family) I’ve always used a timer, and took it out of the oven right in time.

It was my first experience making polymer clay hearts. As you can see, I got over-excited and made a bunch of them :). But hearts are tricky shapes, and I didn’t know that. If you think you can make a hole through the middle and then it will hang just fine on a necklace, think again! :). It will flip. Front-back, front-back. To center or not to center – that is the question. Thus the additional holes – to make it stay :).

At this point, I’ve almost coped with my other dilemma – to get ’em having perfect backs. I quit baking right on a tile and starting baking on a piece of cardboard. The glue inside the cardboard would still make the clay to bubble. Just a little bit :). I was still unaware of my winning option – to bake on a piece of white typing paper. Well, the time will teach me, won’t it? 🙂


To be continued…

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