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by anna on June 28, 2012

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Hello there! 🙂 In the previous tutorial I showed you how to make realistic roses and calla lilies. Although they look very good, they wouldn’t work on a micro-scale, unless you have micro-hands :). To use roses, let’s say, in rings, there is another simple, or as I call it, cheating 🙂 way of making these roses. Which you will learn after watching a free video tutorial I created for you.

You can watch the tutorial either right here

on our Vimeo channel or on our YouTube channel. As always, please, don’t forget to subscribe and comment! You know I love to hear from you. Also, if you make your own ring using this tutorial, I’d love to see the pictures of it, so don’t hesitate to post links to them!

Notes on the tutorial:

  • I got my ring blank in Michaels store. It has loops on it for beading. You can use a completely flat pad blank, too, if you want. Apply liquid clay to either of them prior to baking, so your garden doesn’t fall off.
  • I rolled the black clay on the 2nd thickest setting and then folded it onto itself to double its thickness. Make sure to use a sufficient thickness clay sheet in order to completely cover the loops, so they don’t poke through.
  • Use 60 grit (coarse) sandpaper to give “soil” in your flower pot a realistic texture. It will also help adhering “soil” to the ring pad.
  • Roll clay into “snakes” when forming the pot and the roses, then flatten the snakes with your finger. This will make them look more life-like. Of course, you can use a clay extruder instead and extrude ribbons of clay.
  • Use your fingers to further shape rolled up rose, bending the “petals” outwards.
  • Use caution when slicing off rose’s bottom with your tissue blade and don’t cut yourself! Instead of cutting off, you can just flatten the bottom with your finger.
  • Backfilling is done by pressing black clay into the baked pot and then removing the excess with a paper towel dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Have fun and happy creating!

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