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by anna on July 23, 2012

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Last week I made and kept a challenge for myself – to create a project a day. Using any media and any technique, but without planning them ahead. The reason for that – with all the administrative work I had to do lately I didn’t get to create anything really new for a few weeks, and didn’t want to designer in me to die off completely :). And we all know – it’s way too easy to put things off, let ourselves rest, and when we wake up – we might find out that our muse has gotten somewhere very far away.

Many times I wanted to stop, telling myself that it’s too late already, and I’m tired, and I did a lot already. However, every day this little nasty voice was shushed, and here is the result – the seven Art Week projects. Most of them are already for sale, so if you click on the work’s name, you will be taken to our Etsy store. Nonetheless, my purpose here is not so much to sell you things, but to share my new works with you.

Monday:Lab Grown Tulip” necklace.

Hand-sculpted tulip sits in resin inside a recycled aqua-tube. These aqua-tubes were part of a giant bouquet we received as one of our wedding presents years ago. I saved them, and there is a lot of them! 🙂 This design was inspired by the bottle specimen designs Christi Friesen had in one of her newsletters. The tulip has wire roots. It is actually the second tulip; the first one had cotton thread roots which looked really limp :). I used a life picture of a Pink Impression tulip to sculpt the model. The tag which says “Tulipa Darwin Hybrid” (its Latin name) is a tea-stained paper. Just dunked it in my morning tea and then hung it to dry :).

Tuesday: Seascape” necklace

Hand-forged copper frame (was fun to make – I got to do a lot of hammer whacking! 🙂 ) filled with resin. And of course there is a fish and some sea weed! 🙂 I do love sea and everything related to it, so I loved making a little transparent seascape, sort of like an aquarium :).

Wednesday: “Game of Chess” earrings

Wednesday had been an extremely busy day for me when I got up at 5:30 AM and kept running until 2 AM, that’s why I only made a little simple project that day. The earrings are actual chess pieces. I wanted to make something like this for quite a while, and on Wednesday I finally got to do it! 🙂

Thursday: “Elven Tree” necklace

This is a part of “Happy Geek” collection which soon will be available in our new store, The Gray Havens. The pendant is actually a memory card reader, which is very handy to have, if your computer doesn’t have an inbuilt reader. I have (and use! 🙂 ) one of them myself. This will be a personalized design where I will put your initials under the tree. This is the first one, so it obviously has my initials – AG – on it :). The tree itself is a backfilled clay carving based on my original drawing. I do deeply love everything related to Elves. Let’s not forget here that I used to participate in role-playing games! 🙂

Friday: “The Eye” ring

Friday was another totally crazy day, that’s why this is another small project :). I initially wanted to make the eye in thread, sort of like an embroidery, but then decided to stick with clay and my beloved mica :). Pupil did give me some trouble until I found a simple solution to cutting out a decent pupil. Just used the smallest teardrop Kemper’s cutter. After all, an eye is a pair of overlapped teardrops, isn’t it?

Saturday:Steampunk Fish” necklace

Now, I did have fun with this one! 🙂 I relaxed and created away! The fish sits in another hand-forged copper frame and has a hand-forged clasp. I heat-oxidized the frame to give it a more vintage look. Chains gave me some grief, but I finally won them! 🙂 I wanted her to breath out bubbles, just like the one in the “Seascape”, so she does. Obviously, they are metal bubbles; what else could you expect from a steampunk fish? 🙂

Sunday:Show Me The Light” necklace

I have long craved making a lit candle using polymer clay! [almost as long as Ive been wanting to make a candle purse! :)] Finally, after some experiments, I’ve found the way to make believable polymer flame. Now, of course, if I left it in the oven for too long, the flame might have been even more believable, but let’s not get into extremes :). The candle lantern is another hollow form of mine (no, I ain’t seizing making hollow forms in any nearest future). Overall, I will tell you only one thing: I do love candles! I’ve been collecting them since I was four.

That concludes our photo report, ladies and gentlemen. Now, if you did any creative challenges yourselves, I’d love to hear about them! Just drop a line (or many! 🙂 ) in the comments below.

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