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by anna on September 5, 2012

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Rainbow Fireworks

As some of you might know, Ken’s and my work has been accepted into the It Runs in the Family show at the Del Ray Artisans Gallery. On Tuesday, September 4-th, we went to drop it off for the curators to start setting the show floor.

It Runs in the Family is a show that will allow you to see the evolution of creativity, as it develops throughout the generations in artists’ families. The term “family” here is used in its broad meaning, including anyone related to an artist, basically like an extended family.

Tree of 1000 ClichesWhile at the drop-off, we noticed a lot of interesting work submitted by other artist families. All participants were also asked to write and submit their family story,  telling about what kind of art their family members were creating and how they got to do it. These stories should be available for visitors to see at the show opening reception on Friday, September 7-th, from 7PM to 10 PM. The show itself will run through September 30-th.

Show Me The LightApart from the main exhibit, all artists also had a chance to submit works for the Take-Away Art show part. These works will be available on the show floor in loose standing baskets for you to search and hunt for a perfect treasure! 🙂

We submitted the following works:

Autumn SpaceTree of 1000 Cliches and Rainbow Fireworks  – for the main exhibit.

Show Me the LightSuspendedWinter HomesAutumn SpaceWindows, and Victorian Lace – for the Take-Away Art available to purchase.

Victorian LaceWe wanted to create a cohesive presentation with a logical theme to it, that’s why we picked these works. Both Tree of 1000 Cliches and Rainbow Fireworks are built on the play of rainbow colors.

Windows Rainbow Fireworks is a series of hollow wrapped pods (technique invented and developed by me) strung on hand-forged heat-oxidized rigid neckwire. Pods’ surface is decorated using a G-shaped (yep, that stands for the Gray family! 🙂 ) cane incorporating 28 custom-mixed rainbow colors. The twist beads you can see next to the pods are created from exact same extruded clay logs as the pods :).

Suspended We expect the show to be a lot of fun and encourage you to come and visit it. At the show opening reception, there will be light snacks and beverages. Winter HomesGallery’s address, as well as show times can be found on the Gallery’s website:

See you there!

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