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by anna on September 9, 2012

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Today with Ken we went and visited tenth annual Alexandria King Street Art Festival in Alexandria, VA. The show is organized by Howard Alan Events Ltd. They have shows all over the U.S.

The show was something, let me tell you this! It was big, occupying the whole southern part of King Street, and those of you who’ve been to our parts know – this is not a short street! 🙂 The variety and quality of art was also amazing – only top-notch works. As I know, Howard Alan group has a very strict jurying process and only picks the best.

Apart from creative and innovative merchandise, many of the vendors had displays and setups which themselves were works of art. I’ve included some of the pictures from the show organizers’ website, so you can see for yourself. I’ve also taken some notes on the show (as always 🙂 ) and want to share them with you.

AnnMarie Siegel, Details in Time



1) Vendors were from all over the U.S. There weren’t many local vendors (from Alexandria). I only saw 2 polymer clay artists, one selling dolls and another – small sculpture (beautiful birds).

2) Merchandise included painting, photography, small and full size sculpture, jewelry, functional objects (such as clocks and utensils), clothes, and purses. On the sides of the street other vendors were selling drinks and food, including some really good ice cream :).

John & Christine Strobel,
John Christine Designs

3) There were no bathrooms visible at the show. Security was very good, with 1-2 guards standing at the end of each row. As show was big (long), and it was a hot weather, I found it to be a big disadvantage that there were virtually no places to sit and rest.

4) Sellers of smaller items, especially jewelry, had big high quality pictures of their work displayed on the back wall of their booths, which looked very beautiful and was drawing in customers. Many jewelers had lovely decorative mirrors for customers to look at themselves while trying things on. One photographer even has a printed out presentation explaining his creative process attached to the wall of his booth.

5) There was a lot of public at the show and, naturally, much less buyers. Many people just came to see the beautiful art. Quite a few were taking pictures. Some of the visitors were foreign, as King Street is one of the popular walking places for foreign tourists out here.

Tanya Tyree Katic

6) General quality of the merchandise was very high. Prices ranged from about $25 to $46,000. As the show organizer estimated, there was over $15 million in art presented at the show. Sellers were very professional. However, I found it to be a big disadvantage that many items didn’t have a price tag on them or had a very small hard to read one.

To conclude, we were very impressed with the show and do recommend those of you who have Howard Alan shows in your area to come and see them. There is a lot to see, to buy, and to get inspired with. To find shows schedule and locations, go to

Today we also did a volunteer gallery shift for the Del Ray Artisans gallery where we have our works on display as part of the It Runs in the Family show. This show is fun, too, but I think I will tell you about it next time :).

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