We are Anna & Ken Gray, award-winning designers and founders of 2Grays design studio. We love working with high tech, such as laser cutting and 3D printing and delight in observing and comparing natural and man-made patterns and processes.

Using results of these observations and comparisons, as well as our background in business, law, chemistry, biology, medicine, and writing, we design jewelry, accessories, art, and home decor. We never stop experimenting, combining science and art in our designs.

Some of the design awards won by us are:

○ Bead Star, 2013 – 2nd place, Metals category
○ Bead Star, 2013 – Honorable Mention, Crystals category
○ Mejuri, Enchanted Emerald, 2013 – 2nd place
○ Bead Star, 2012 – 1st place, Metals category
○ Bead Dreams, 2012 – 3rd place, Polymer Clay category
○ Progress & Possibilities, 2011 – 3rd place, Functional Objects category
○ X-mas Madness on DaWanda, 2011 – 1st place
○ Polymer Clay Central, October, 2010 – 3rd place
○ Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, 2010 – Finalist, Swarovski Elements category
○ Fire Mountain Gems and Beads 2010 – Finalist, Polymer Clay category

Our work has been featured in various blogs, magazines, books, and catalogs, some of which are:

○ The Polymer Clay Artist’s Guide book
○ It’s All About Creating blog, May 2013
○ Moods & Appetites blog, April 2013
○ Bead Star magazine, December 2012
○ Ponoko 2012 Gift Guide
○ DAVID magazine, July 2012
○ Polymer Cafe magazine, June 2012
○ Jane Kindred blog, July 2012
○ The Blu Print blog, April 2012
○ DaWanda Blog, December 2011
○ Zibbet’s Blog, December 2011
○ Polymer Clay Smooshers blog, November 2011
○ Fire Mountain Gems Jewelry Maker’s Comprehensive Catalog 2011-2012

We also love to play computer games, travel, cook (and eat!), sing, and read.