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Fruit Party: Cherimoya

by anna January 27, 2014 Anna's Blog
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Those of you who know me, know that I love to try new unusual fruits and veggies [Those of you who don’t know me yet – Hi! and welcome!]. My posts on these tries in the past have been rather chaotic, so this year I’ve decided to turn this into regular series for those of […]

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An Act of Kindness

by anna December 8, 2013 Anna's Blog
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A few days ago Ken went out to get mail. He came back and put a yellow package envelope on my desk. I was surprised, as I haven’t ordered anything and didn’t expect any packages. However, the package has been addressed to me. Being very intrigued, I opened it. The package was from Rings & […]

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Welcome to Canada

by anna November 1, 2013 Anna's Blog
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Leaving snow, rain, and roadwork of Pennsylvania behind, we drove through the state of New York and into the town of Niagara Falls. From there we got to the Canadian border, showed our U.S. passports, answered a few standard interview questions – and were let in. From the border we went into a Canadian town […]

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Beautiful Pearls

by anna June 30, 2013 Anna's Blog
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Tuesday, June 25, was the pearl day in the City Club of Washington, DC! Beautiful pearls were presented by the Love the Pearls company. It was a real eye feast! Love the Pearls creates and sells high-end pearl jewelry using all different kinds of pearls – traditional white, mauve, and Tahitian. Lovely pearls, whose quality […]

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